Lend Your Voice

We need your support to ensure that those living with PAH (including SSc-PAH) have publicly funded access to all approved PAH treatments across Canada.

While over 85% of Canadians now have publicly funded access to Uptravi for the treatment of PAH, patients living in British Columbia are still waiting for their government to provide the same access to this potentially life-extending treatment option.

Help us advocate to ensure that all PAH patients (including SSc-PAH) have the same opportunity as the vast majority of Canadians for equitable and timely access to optimal treatment to improve and extend their lives.

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Why is Advocacy Needed?

Since 2013, Health Canada has approved three new oral therapies for the treatment of PAH (including SSc-PAH): Opsumit (macitentan), Adempas (riociguat), and Uptravi (selexipag). However, not all of these treatments are currently accessible through public funding to all PAH patients in Canada.  

For more information on the status of public funding for these treatments, click here.