PAH Patient Testimonial Guiding Questions – Why Opsumit?

For all patients:

  1. How long have you been living with PAH?
  2. Prior to starting treatment for PAH, how did you feel? How did the disease affect your day-to-day life?
  3. Talk about your experience on the treatments you have been on so far (prior to Opsumit, if applicable) and how they have affected your day-to-day life. Explain any benefits or challenges you have experienced on each treatment.

For patients who have been or are currently on Opsumit:

  1. If you are now taking Opsumit, explain how it has affected your day-to-day life – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  2. If you are now taking Opsumit, how important has it been to have access to this treatment?
  3. If you weren’t able to access Opsumit, how different do you think your life would be today?

For patients not yet on Opsumit:

  1. If you are not on Opsumit but need it in the future, explain how you would feel if you weren’t able to access it? What do you think that would mean to your quality of life?

Download a PDF of these questions.